Tips to Picking the Best Pastry Brush - Tips to Picking the Best Pastry Brush -

Tips to Picking the Best Pastry Brush

Pastry Brush

Meta Description – A good pastry brush enables you to baston your pastry with butter or egg wash before you put it in the oven for baking. Here are tips to selecting the best one.

If you are looking for the best pastry brush, then you need to take care of many factors such as bristles, quality, handles and durability. A pastry brush is an ideal tool in the kitchen used for greasing different baked goods. They can be used for many other small or big tasks in the kitchen. These are made from natural-fiber and give better precision while applying liquids. While silicone ones are good too, the brushes made from the natural fiber are better. The bristles easily collect more liquid. Yet, if you are confused, here is a small guide to help you pick up the best pastry brush.

What To Check While Buying The Best Pastry Brush?

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There are a lot of factors to keep in mind before selecting the best pastry brush. Here are some of them explained in detail.


Good-quality bristles in a brush give better performance. You need to analyze the texture and amount of bristles in a brush to analyze its performance. The natural fiber picks up more liquid and can easily dispense the liquid uniformly. It is best to get a brush with bristles under 2 inches as these give better coverage. Bristles over 2 inches long can reach the corners of a tart or other baked goods, while those shorter than 2 inches feel very clumsy in the hand. Some brushes are available with uneven bristles, but these do not give a good feel.


The material and shape of the handles are very important. These determine the comfort, grip and ability to hold the brush for long. Those brushes with a 2.5-inch circumference are the best. The material should be easy to grip and non-slippery. If you use a rubbery plastic material, it is ideal. Furthermore, brushes made from varnished wood are also good. A brush with 5 inches height is the best as longer than that feels very tough to maneuver.


While selecting the best pastry brush, also pay attention to the durability. The natural fiber brushes shed a lot of bristles when you clean them. But the Winco Flat Pastry and Basting Brush is ideal when it comes to durability. It is 1 ½ inches long and costs $6.93. The bristles are placed uniformly at equal lengths.

End Note

Good pastry tools help you bake and make your pastry with ease. You will be able to get a professional touch on your pastries only if you have the best tools. These need not be very costly, but you do need to look for the above-mentioned factors. If you end up picking a wrong pastry brush, you will not be happy with the performances and if you are a newbie to baking, wrong tools may not help you get the right result.

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