Shortcrust Pastry Recipe: An Overview


The Shortcrust Pastry Recipe happens to be an essential part of every celebration, occasion, etc.  They are delicious mouth-watering desserts.  The pastries comprise an icing over its top, which makes it more impressive. Suitable for the diverse needs of various individual types of pastries happens to be available in the market. Similarly, every individual comprises a fantasy for the pastries. Compared to adults, the children comprise more liking towards pastry. Also, the delicacies are very beneficial for the human being. It reduces tensions and enhances the mood of an individual.

Shortcrust Pastry Recipe: An Overview
Shortcrust Pastry Recipe: An Overview

Shortcrust Pastry Recipe

Let us have a glance at the recipe for various shortcrust pastry.

The primary ingredients required for basic shortcrust pastry are 340 gm of flour, ¼ tsp salt. Similarly, along with this one requires 170 gm of unsalted diced butter, 90ml of ice water. Therefore, let’s have a glance at the preparation method for this pastry.

› In the initial step, one combines the flour and salt a large bowl. And also combine the butter into the mixture by cutting it. One requires a knife or blender to get a grainy texture.

› After this one adds water to this mixture and combines it with the help of a spatula. One uses spatula; It prevents one portion from becoming wetter. One has to add an extra spoonful of water if the batter requires it. They should mix appropriately until it holds when pressed with two fingers. Then one may give it the shape of two discs.

› In the next step, one needs to cover the dough and keep it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

› After keeping it in the fridge, one needs to keep it between two sheets of parchment paper and roll it. One needs to roll it to about 4 mm thick. Then use the dough to make a pie with the help of the top or bottom crust line. The pie plates should be nearly 25cm.

Shortcrust Pastry Recipe: An Overview
Shortcrust Pastry Recipe: An Overview

How to Make It in a Food Processor

Let us have a glimpse at the recipe on how to make it in a food processor.

›In this one, we have to combine the salt and flour in a food processor. Then add some butter and pulse until it resembles peas.

›Similarly, in the food processor, one needs to pour more water. And also add some pulse again until the dough forms fully.

›One may pour more water if the dough requires.

› Then one may make the dough into two-discs with the help of hands. And then cover it and keep it inside the refrigerator to cool down. One needs to keep it in the fridge for nearly 30 minutes.

› As mentioned in the before mentioned recipe, cut the dough into a pie.