6 Different Types Of Pastry

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Bakers for years have experimented with various recipes and come up with different types of pastries. Today, in totality, we have 6 different types of pastry doughs or pastry types. Some are sweet, while some are savory and all require different ingredients and methods of preparation. Seeing this large variety of pastry doughs, you will definitely want to try baking one yourself and impressing your loved ones.

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Pastry Types you should know

6 Pastry Types

The pastry is the dough that is made from fat, flour, and water. Sometimes, eggs and spices are added to the dough. You can make pies, Danishes, croissants, and much more from pastry dough. Let us know more about their types.

Choux pastry

The Choux pastry first came up in 1540 when King Henry II of France got married to Catherine de Medici. She had a personal chef who baked a lot. He created a hot, dried out paste of dough, which he served with gateux. The choux pastry can be made in advance and it does save you plenty of time when  you need to get the dessert on the dining table quickly. This dough is made from flour, butter and water and eggs are added for leavening and richness in texture. It is best filled with piped creams for cream puffs.

Phyllo Pastry

This pastry dough is a very popular Greek cuisine dish. They made dishes like spanakopita and baklava with this dough. It was first created during the Byzantine time. Today, a phyllo pastry is limited not only to Greece, but is also used in making a lot of pies around the world. It is a comfort food for many today.

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Different Pastry Types

Puff pastry

This is a flaky and soft pastry that was first invented by Frenchman – Cladius Gele. He was working as an apprentice in a bakery, when he came up with this. His culinary skills came to the surface when he was challenged by the doctor to feed his sick father a diet of flour, butter, and water only. He then created the puff pastry in 1645. The puff pastry contains layers of butter amid uneven layers of dough. both are rolled together to give a puffy and flaky result. The air gets trapped inside the layers of dough and this makes the dough rise unevenly and get flaky and crispy.

Samoosa Dough

This one is a flour dough used for making potato-filled dumplings. Samosa pastry today has taken a versatile form across the globe, although it is a stape of India, Malaysia, and some other countries. It is believed to have originated in Europe and then made its way to Asia. The dough is used to make golden deep fried triangle pockets filled with potatoes, meat or any other vegetable fillings.

Shortcrust Pastry

This one is a popular pastry dough used for making desserts and pies. It was first invented in Venice. First, the shortcrust pastry was used for making pies containing meat, but now, with added sugar, it has become a very versatile dough. This is one of the easiest to prepare pastry dough. It is made from butter, flour, and enough water to combine them together. You need to briefly knead the dough and refrigerate it to be used at the bottom of tarts, pies, quiches, or such others.

Sable Pastry

This pastry dough is used to give a wonderful crunch at the bottom of creamy cheesecake or also used in a spiced variation with ginger and coconut at the Tennis Biscuit base. It is a crumbed mixture that is very useful when you need to fix desserts quickly.

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