History Of The First Famous Pastry

History Of The First Famous Pastry

Though not technically a desert, there is a general consensus that desserts are the desserts that are best remembered by guests. As such, it would be remiss of us not to learn about some of the most well-known desserts in history. The first mention of famous pastry is from the Japanese cuisine. In the 4th century, the Japanese mastered the art of making targets which were then handed down throughout the rest of the country.

This art also became a part of Chinese cuisine. Though it is commonly thought that China and Japan started the use of targets to create delicious treats, it is generally believed that they first adopted the technique from the Romans.

When it comes to dishes that are considered to be quite sweet, the Mongolian cuisine would probably have the most notable claim to fame. Their specialty was that of “mochi” which is basically a small hole-in-the-middle shaped tart with a filling inside. It is said that their use of sugar and cream is what gave these unique dishes their unique flavor.

History Of The First Famous Pastry
History Of The First Famous Pastry

Famous Pastry

The Chinese recipes of making pastry are usually more complicated and time consuming than that of their Mongolian counterparts. The basic ingredients used in Chinese cuisine are usually thick or long stiff brown rice flour and eggs and sometimes other sugar. They also use honey and in a few cases, milk or cream.

Other popular pastry recipes include croquettes, brioche and puff pastry. While their basic ingredients might be similar, they all have very distinct styles and taste.

Though the origin of the pies has become lost in history. The Roman recipes of making them are interesting and can be traced back as far as 400 A.D. Their appearance in the 18th century proves that this pastime had been around since early times.

Some of the most popular pastries are panini sandwiches which were created in Constantinople. Another type of savory pie is the sesame bread pudding. Which has the ability to soak up the flavors of its filling.

History Of The First Famous Pastry
History Of The First Famous Pastry

Other Sweets

One of the oldest known popular pastry dish is the Crust Pie. Which can be traced back to Germany in the late 19th century. Since this is a traditional German dish. You will find that many German bakeries offer their recipes for this delicious and satisfying pie.

In Christmas, the tradition of eating Christmas Pudding began in Britain. Though originally cooked for servants, this “pudding” soon spread and soon became a traditional staple during the Christmas season.

Another recipe that has become a part of popular pastries is the clotted cream pie. Though this type of pastry has become a common treat across the world. It seems that the original version of this rich and creamy dessert was concocted by French author Victor Hugo.

Pastries are not just the standard sugar and butter paste that we would find today. There are many variations of the classic pastries that are still popular today.

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