Fruit Pastries Recipes


Fruit Tart, simple and pretty recipe, you can make blindly. In fruit pastries, you can use any of your favorite fruits. Your children will love the dish of vanilla cream, pastry base, and fruits such as strawberries and apples. Make a pastry base and let the support cool. Spread vanilla cream and nuts. Finish off with apricot. Popular fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and blackberries in fruit pastries. For clear glaze on the cakes, you can try peach jam or apricot. For the reddish glaze, you can also try red currant jelly. 

Fruit Pastries

Fruit tart making is somehow fun. You can make small pastries rather than making a single big cake-like pastry. If you have planned to enjoy a creamy tart while watching a movie, you can try a big pie. Besides, note that green kiwi with a red glaze will not look good. So, try glaze according to the color of the fruits you choose. Here we have share the fruit pastries or fruit tarts recipe for six small tarts of 4 inch or one large tart of 9 inches. 

Fruit Pastries Recipes
Fruit Pastries Recipes

Cooking Details: Fruit Pastries

Total Time: 105 Minutes

Preparation time: 90 Minutes

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Servings: Six Approx.


¾ pound: Shortcrust pastry dough (about half batch)

2 cups: Vanilla cream for pastries

3 cups: Fresh fruits (blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, peaches or strawberries)

½ Cup: Apricot jam

Process: Fruit Pastries

First of all, clean the oven with a dry cloth. Now, heat the oven before baking at 400 Fahrenheit.

Now, be prepared for the tart dough. Take a flat-surfaced baking vessel. Roll out the tart dough evenly on a floured surface — the thickness of dough a quarter of an inch. 

Process the dough with soft hands because rolling for many times can make the pastries hard. 

Maintain the smoothness of pastries by slowly rolling down the dough.

Take tart/pastry tins, and here we will use tins with 4 inches diameter.

Cut the dough into four and a half inch’s circles as we are making 4 inches of pastries.

Now squeeze the dough circles into the tins.

For keep them in perfect shape, cut the excess dough. Press the dough at the bottom and sides of the tins. 

Prepare all the tins, and if the dough is left, you can use any shape of tins.

Spread parchment pepper and fill the tins with black beans should be cooked. You can also use pie weights or cooked rice. Feelings of beans, rice or pie weights prevent the dough from puffing off.

In a preheated oven or microwave, put all the tins and bake the pastries for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure the shells turn a golden brown color. 

Don’t be quick to remove shells from tins.

First, remove weights and pepper from the tins. Let the tins cool.

Fruit Pastries Recipes
Fruit Pastries Recipes

What To Do Till Tins Cool?

During this time, prepare apricot jam to save time.

For apricot jam, take a saucepan and add some water into it. Add apricot jam.

Heat the saucepan with water and apricot jam till they are mixed well.

Strain the glaze (a mixture of apricot jam and water) with mesh wire strainer. Straining makes the glaze smooth.

Now, take out shells and spread vanilla cream on the surface of tanks. Spread fruits evenly. 

Now, spread apricot jam and keep the pastries in the refrigerator for half an hour. 

Take out pastries from the refrigerator until serving time.