Fill Your Mouth With Sweet Treat- Types Of Pastry


Introduction To Types Of Pastry

The three staple ingredients for preparing any kind of pastry are water, flour, and butter. We all have an appetite for different types of pastry in all their delicious forms. 

Fill Your Mouth With Sweet Treat- Types Of Pastry
Fill Your Mouth With Sweet Treat- Types Of Pastry

Let us look at the seven types of pastry that exist and discuss them in detail.

Shortcut Pastries- Popular Types Of Pastry

Shortcut pastry is the conventional style of pastry. It is the easiest to make among the different kinds of pastry and is the most common one as well. A variety of sweet baked goodies and savory use this pastry. You prepare the dough using butter and flour and use some water for binding. Then combine the ingredients and knead them until they are ready to use. This type of pastry is famous for forming the crispy “shell” in tarts, pies, and quiches.

Sweet Shortcut Pastry

Known as pate sucree in French, you can make a sweeter version of the shortcut pastry. You can serve it as a dessert in the form of tarts or pies. The recipe is similar to the normal one but adds more egg yolks and sugar to prepare a sweeter version.

Fill Your Mouth With Sweet Treat- Types Of Pastry
Fill Your Mouth With Sweet Treat- Types Of Pastry

Puff Pastry

You use the same ingredients to make a puff pastry as you do to create a shortcut. However, it has a softer exterior due to the presence of several layers in the dough. It causes them to expand when baked. Though layering is a time-consuming activity, the result is absolutely delicious. This pastry gets an airy texture as the expansion creates gaps between the layers. You also have a similar recipe for making the conventional croissant by adding yeast and milk.

Choux Pastry

It’s a sweet French pastry that is filled with fillings and piped creams. It makes exquisite little delights like cream puffs and eclairs. For extra richness, you make this pastry using water, eggs, flour, and butter. You cook the basic dough on your stove and then add eggs for leavening.

Phyllo Pastry

You use the Mediterranean-style baking to prepare this famous paper-thin pastry. You can make this pastry by a combination of salt, flour, water, and a little oil. Phyllo pastry is renowned for its versatile nature. You can fold it, layer it, ruffle or roll it according to your choice. The most common forms of phyllo pastry are tiropita and spanakopita.

Suet Crust Pastry

For centuries, the suet method was used to make pastries. Suet refers to the visceral fat that you find in the loins and kidneys of cows and pigs. Its unobtrusive flavor and richness make it a popular choice. You must be familiar with these ingredients if you are a bird lover. You use suet as a substitute for lard or butter as a binding element.

Hot Water Crust Pastry- Types Of Pastry

You use this pastry to make savory pies like pork pies or other meaty pies. It is because these pies need a stronger crust that can hold the dense contents. As the name suggests, the recipe for this pastry needs hot water. Shaping the pastry becomes more comfortable when you use melted butter or lard in a high concentration of heated water.