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Different Types Of Pastry Cream And Uses For Dessert Recipes

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If we talk about dessert, then nothing can beat cream or give satisfaction like cream. The cream is luscious, smooth, and wonderful, which makes your night if you take it in dinner. However, there are so many types of pastry cream available in the market so that people get confused about which they eat. Here we will discuss some types of creams that you can experience with your friends or family members.

Here Are Some Different Types Of Pastry Cream

Chantilly Cream

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This cream is also known as a whipped cream that is just a cream that has air whipped into it until the texture is airy and light. Chantilly cream is mostly used in top cakes, fruit, ice creams, puddings, and many more. This cream is a versatile and multi-use cream that is easy to make. Make sure you keep it cold because heat can melt it. Chantilly cream flavored with vanilla and can be used as a base for many other pastry creams.

Double Cream

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Double cream is another type of pastry cream. The double cream is the British term for the most versatile cream. It contains a runny yet thick texture and also contains 48% fat that is slightly higher than an American heavy cream. This cream is also used in pudding, fruits and it can also be used to thicken soups, stews, and sauces.

Goat’s Milk Double Cream

The goat’s milk cream is an alternative to cow’s milk cream because it has lower lactose, light. This cream contains a pleasant nutty flavor reminiscent of soft goat cheese. This cream is suitable for replacing regular cream in any type of application means you can add it into dishes, whipped or poured as is.

Crème Fraiche

The crème Fraiche is a type of pastry cream that is thickened by culturing; giving it a mildly tangy and nutty taste and also providing a velvety texture. It is the same as sour cream; however, it has a high fat that makes it less prone to curdling. It contents 39 to 50% of fat so that it is suitable for adding into curries, soups, or serving along with desserts and fresh fruit.

Preparation And Care In The Production Of Types Of Pastry Cream

You don’t make pastry cream in an aluminum container because it provides a grayish coloration to it.

If you are stirring too slowly or heat is too high at the point when the pastry cream reaches a boil, then it will lump. If it occurs, you need to pass cream through a strainer immediately before it cools.

When you remove cooked pastry cream into another pot, then you should now scrape the bottom of the pan. You may see a mixture burned on the bottom, and you don’t want to pass this mixture with the good stuff.


So here you have read about different types of pastry cream that you can use for your dinner and enjoy it with your friends or family members. However, you can easily use it or buy it from any dairy.

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