Choosing The Right Pastry Brushes

Choosing The Right Pastry Brushes

If you know the art of baking pastries, chances are that you are aware of different types of pastry brushes. A pastry brush allows you to achieve an even spread of ingredients like oils, sauces, etc. It also allows you to control the quantity so that you don’t add less or more. If you are new to pastry making and want to know how to select the right brush for cooking, go through this guide.

Types Of Pastry Brushes

Pastry Brush With Boar Bristles

A boar-bristle pastry brush looks like a paintbrush that is used to work on broader areas. You can use this type of brush to apply egg wash on a larger surface area, buttering large dough sheets, and so on.

How To Choose The Right Pastry Brush
Choosing The Right Pastry Brushes

Round Brush

A round brushing tool works best for plate decoration as well as applying liquid ingredients on small pastries. Designed to achieve more precise coverage, such a brush easy does delicate jobs.

Angled Brush

Designed with an angled head, this kind of brushing tool comes with tapered bristles. It allows you to achieve more precise strokes while preventing you to reach deeply the surface of the baked goodie.

Hook Brush

As their names say, hook brushes come with hooks, thus allowing you to easily hang them on a wall or edge of the plate.

Wide & Flat Brush

A wide, flat brushing tool is wider than a normal paintbrush or boar-bristle pastry brush. It allows you to spread large amounts of ingredients across large surfaces.

Selecting The Right Pastry Brushes

No matter which brush types you opt for, use these tips to select the best ones in your kitchen:

Brush For cooking
How To Choose The Right Pastry Brush
  • Pay Attention To The Bristles: Check the quality of bristles before investing in the pastry brushes. The bristles should be strong enough to withstand force. They should also be flexible in every way. If the bristles are too stiff, they can knock the air out of your baked goodies especially the delicate ones. Well, you can choose from silicon bristles, nylon bristles, boar bristles, or Teflon bristles as per your cooking needs. For thin liquids like butter or olive oil, a boar-bristle brush with finer bristles work great. Similarly, silicone-bristled brushes work efficiently for coating up the goodies with thick sauces.
  • Consider The Handle: While wooden handles are comfortable to hold and very sturdy, plastic handles are easy to clean.
  • Ease Of Washing: Go for pastry brushes that can be washed easily no matter how stubborn the ingredients that stick to them are.
  • Brushes with natural bristles or bristles from an animal hair food brush can shed anytime. If you see them on your food, it’s time to replace them. It is also important to maintain these animal hair food brushes properly. You can use warm water and liquid detergent to clean such brushes. Rinse the pastry brushes well and let them air-dry.

Follow this guide to select the best pastry brushing tool for your cooking or baking needs. Remember to label your brushes and maintain them so as to make them last longer!

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