best pastry brushes - different types and uses of pastry brushes best pastry brushes - different types and uses of pastry brushes

4 Best Pastry Brush You Should Try

best pastry brushes

If you are a budding baker or a professional pastry maker, a pastry brush is a quintessential tool you will require. Even if you have just begun with this hobby or profession, it is best to buy the best pastry brush that enhances your overall experience and makes it easier for you to concoct delicious pastries. Here is our choice of the best pastry brushes you can buy.

best pastry brush for baking
Best Pastry Brush for Baking

Best Pastry Brush

Matfer Natural Pastry Brush

Rated as the best chef’s standard brush, this professional tool is a natural brush that comes with a super-strong plastic handle ideal for cleaning. This brush does not flake easily and neither does it leave lines or pools of liquid in the pastry. Some silicone brushes tend to do so as their bristles are too thick. This brush has ideal bristles which work beautifully if you want a delicate egg glaze. The brush feels nice and flat on the hand and is also very affordable.

Sous Chef Small Patisserie Brush

If you are looking for brush for delicate work on your pastry, then this one is ideal. This natural brush is especially designed for dainty work on French-style patisserie. It has a very light touch. The liquid grips well to its natural bristles. It comes with a wooden handle made from beech. The handle is easy to clean, feels comfortable in the grip and is also hardwearing. It is extremely comfortable to hold. The best part is that the brush is quite affordable.

Cherry Wood Natural Pastry Brush

This is the best all-rounder brush. This robust pastry brush is an Italian designed equipment that is ideal for making pasta. You can also use it for basting meat. With a stubby and rounded hold, this brush does not get to the surface area of some other flatter brushes. But yet, it has a unique rustic look and a pretty wooden handle.

 OXO’s Good Grips Silicone Basting and Pastry Brush

This silicone brush holds liquid well when compared to other silicone brushes. It also puts a limit on dripping, so that you do not end up making a pool of liquid on the pastry. This brush also comes with a budget-friendly price tag. It is a sturdy design that won’t get spoiled easily. The center gap in the brush allows it to hang on to the liquid when you are removing it from the bowl to the pastry. It is not meant for delicate work though. The brush can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and is safe in the dishwasher.

best pastry brush for pastries
Best Pastry Brush for Pastries

Use of Pastry Brushes

Pastry brushes are very handy when you want to brush whisked egg on your pastry or give a mirror-like glaze of oil on a baking tin to prevent your cake from sticking to the sides. It can be used to baste a chunk of meat. A pastry brush allows you to put an even coat and ensures minimum wastage. In the absence of a pastry brush, you will end up using a spoon for a glaze and it might get too much.

When looking for a pastry brush, always go in for plastic, silicone, or those made from natural fibers. Silicone brushes do not fall out or splinter easily like the natural fiber ones. The only problem with silicone brushes is that they cannot be used for delicate work as liquid tends to drip off easily in them when compared to the natural fiber ones. You should always go in for a pastry brush that is flat, soft-haired, and flexible.

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