All You Wanted To Know About Pastry Recipe

There is something intriguing about the pastry and pies. You will find that Americans love to gorge on their desserts. In this aspect, the French have mastered the art of pastry making. Chefs in France know exactly what they are doing and have put them on the map.

The mention of French desserts can make your mouth water. Therefore, what is so special about their desserts and pastries? Nothing much, except that they make use of few ingredients and make the dessert light and simple as possible.

All You Wanted To Know About Pastry Recipe
All You Wanted To Know About Pastry Recipe

Few Simple Pastry Recipe

Some of the desserts like the cheese croissant, chocolat mou, crème brulee are widely known. They are popular desserts. The mention of these can water the mouth of a hard soul. Sometimes people directly skip the main course to taste this amazing dessert.

When you look at them from any angle, you feel the effort that goes in preparing them. The dessert itself looks simple. However, the presentation and the artistic manner in which everything has been done, is worth appreciating.

The French croissant is buttery and has the bite to it. You need to put in some effort. To prepare it you need some dough, salt, butter, chocolate, and almonds of your choice. Prepare the dough and let it rest.

Then add the cheese, almonds, and butter and mix it all up till they become slight coarse. You must not make them smooth. Then shape it into a croissant. This can take some time and practice.

For first timers, do not be discouraged if you cannot get the shape right. You can also make use of jams and cheese to get that additional flavor to it.

All You Wanted To Know About Pastry Recipe
All You Wanted To Know About Pastry Recipe


Here is a small tip you can consider when preparing the pastry. With the right amount of tools and equipment in hand, you can take your pastry making experience pleasant. Several novices tend to find the going tough when they find that they do not have the right kind of tools at hand.

This should not be the case. So, always make sure that you have your spoons, forks, knifes, peelers, corers, and others right at hand. When you have decided that you want to bake pastries, tarts, and even cakes, then these small items make a huge difference.

Apart from that, if you plan to prepare pies and tarts, then what better than using corers and peelers? They make your task extremely simple of peeling and coring fruits and vegetables. Measuring the ingredients is vital for ensuring that the baking dish is successful.

All You Wanted To Know About Pastry Recipe

You need to be able to measure the pastry shapes and sizes. For that, you need to use a thick sough scraper. You can use a wide one because; the cake will not stick on to it. You can also easily clean it.

We also forgot to mention the pipe meringue mixture. That helps you to pour the fillings into your cakes and tarts. Finally, you need to make use of cooking racks that enable you to cool down your pastries and tarts.

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