7 Major Pastries From France


“Coming up with the perfect pastries list is not as much enjoyable and fun as it sounds.” This statement is nothing but a complete myth. Visiting the boulangeries and the patisseries in France will help you get hold of a super-fun list of incredible pastries that you can easily buy and savor. Do you prefer creative or classic? Or something flaky or buttery is your choice? Not to worry as every flavor awaits you in the list. If you have got baking on your mind, then try brushing up your knowledge of favorite pastries for the ideal sweet treat every time. The list of pastries would not be complete without the inclusion of the varieties mentioned below:


This is a kind of French puff pastry. It is a flaky and rich roll that is named for its exclusive crescent shape. It is generally consumed at breakfast and is made by leveling yeast-leavened dough with chocolate, cheese, and butter.


It is a thin and long cylinder of a light dough or choux pastry having cream in the center and icing on the top. The classic variation of this pastry combines vanilla cream and chocolate icing filling. However, creative bakers around the world play with flavors such as caramel, coffee, and black currant.

7 Major Inclusions In Pastries List From France
7 Major Inclusions In Pastries List From France


Pies are baked dishes of vegetables, fruits and meats typically made using pastry crust or dough and topped with good quality pastry at the same time. Apple pies are quite famous in North America, but other popular flavors have also grabbed huge attention. These include peach, blueberry, and cherry.

Kouign Amann

This is a delectable pastry from the Breton or Brittany area of France. It is made using a croissant-like crust that is folded and then refolded into various rounds. It is baked slowly at low temperature to form several layers. The sugar used for making the crust caramelizes into a crispy dough that delightfully crackles between the teeth. The name Kouign Amann means butter cake.


This is a specialty from Denmark. It is a sweet pastry that works in the form of a breakfast buffet product. You will get it in cheese, chocolate, cherry and apple flavors. If baked in the right way, Danishes are crispy and flaky on the exterior while flaky and butter in the interiors.


Do not confuse them with macaroons. Macarons are sweet meringue-based French confection made using almonds, egg whites, and sugar. All the ingredients are sandwiched around a coating of buttercream or ganache. Macarons are bite-sized and round, and they are available in different varieties of flavors and colors like salted caramel, rose and pistachio.

7 Major Inclusions In Pastries List From France
7 Major Inclusions In Pastries List From France


This is popularly called a Napoleon pastry, but the French call it mille-feuille meaning a thousand leaves. The name refers to the slightly crackled and thin pastry layers that are crammed with party cream and then topped with black and white marbled icing. If you are lucky, you might get to taste its variations in the UK, Australia, Italy, and Russia.

This pastries list will also include other popular varieties like Strudels, Religieuse, Cannoli, Pretzels, Tarts, and Profiteroles.