7 Bakery Items To Sell From Home 7 Bakery Items To Sell From Home

7 Bakery Items To Sell From Home

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Selling bakery items from home is one of the best ideas for people who look forward to starting their business. You don’t need to rent a bakery shop to sell as what you are about to sell will do all the talking. Well, if you know the art of baking, you can easily make and sell the bakery items. However, if you aren’t much familiar with baking, you can hire a baker who will make all the baked goodies. Consider selling the following items as they are the most profitable in the world of baking:


Cakes form one of the largest portions of bakery sales. With the right baking utensils, you can bake different types of cakes in no time. Some of the cakes you can make are sponge cakes, butter cakes, pound cakes, cheesecakes, chiffon cakes, biscuit cakes, and flourless cakes. The cakes that are always in high demand are red velvet cake, chocolate truffle cake, black currant cake, fruit cake, and Ferrero Rochers cake. You can check what’s trending in your area and what your customers will like to have and then create a menu accordingly.

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7 Bakery Items To Sell From Home


Besides baking cakes, you can decide to make cookies. Cookies are always in demand so you are sure to make good money by selling them. One of the cookies that are all the rage these days is chocolate chip cookies. These cookies can be made by simply sprinkling the chocolate chips on the cookies before baking. Or they can be prepared in the form of sandwiches that has a filling between the two cookies. You can also make other popular types of cookies including oatmeal cookies, raisins cookies, shortbread cookies, fried cookies, peanut butter cookies, and macaroons. Don’t forget to sell Gingerbread cookies, Easter cookies, and Christmas cookies during the festivities.


Bread and bun are the simplest bakery items that can earn you a huge profit. The reason for this is attributed to the fact that people buy bread loaves and buns frequently. So, if you sell them, chances are you can earn a lot through them.


Cupcakes allow people to test your baking skills. So, don’t get surprised if your initial orders are for cupcakes and not regular cakes. There are plenty of flavors, both exotic and classic you can choose for your cupcakes. While some people like classic cupcakes they know have their favorite flavor, some like experimenting with exotic ones. Initially, you can make cupcakes of 8-10 flavors like chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter cups, caramel cupcakes, Belgium chocolate cupcakes, cinnamon cupcakes, and red velvet cupcakes. Also, make something like strawberry delight, chocolate plus caramel cakes, and blueberry & strawberry cupcakes.

Wraps & Sandwiches

People love eating sandwiches and wraps so make sure you sell them in your in-house bakery. You can sell both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. Start from 2-3 types in each category and add new varieties later on.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Who says chocolate-covered strawberries sell just during the festive season? No doubt strawberries are seasonal items; you can store them in bulk and prepare these goodies when their season ends.

Gourmet Brownies

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7 Bakery Items To Sell From Home

Brownies are loved just like cakes and cookies so selling them should also be your priority. Just like most goodies, start with a few flavors and then keep on adding new ones from time to time. Some flavors you can choose are chocolate fudge brownies, frozen brownies, and peanut butter brownie bars.

What’s More?

These bakery items are sure to fetch you some serious profit provided they taste awesome. You can also sell gluten-free and sugar-free baked goodies for those who are concerned about their health. Also, try making some vegan baked items if your budget allows.   

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