6 Pie Pastry Cutter Substitutes

Substitutes For A Pie Pastry Cutter

Imagine the scenario when you are making pie pastry at home and suddenly you realize you don’t have the cutter. What will you do in such a tricky situation? Although a pie pastry cutter is the right tool to achieve that flaky and buttery crust, you can substitute it in case if you don’t have it. Some of the pie pastry cutter substitutes you can use are:

Butter Knife

A simple knife or butter knife is a good substitute for a pie pastry cutter. You can use these knives for mixing the pie ingredients as well as for cutting purposes. The best is to use two butter knives. Add the cold butter to the bowl after cutting it with the butter knife. Now take two butter knives (one in each hand) to evenly mix the butter with other ingredients. You can also use two simple knives to blend the dry ingredients.

6 Pie Pastry Cutter Substitutes


Forks are a great substitute for a pie cutter and knives too. Cut the butter into small chunks and then mash them in the bowl while combing the chunks with other ingredients. Make sure to use clean and sharp forks to make the blending effortless. Once the pastry is ready, you can use these forks to cut it. Remember to achieve a consistent mixture with the forks. If your mixture is not consistent, you have to use another substitute.

Cheese Grater

Use a box grater to grate the cold or frozen butter and mix it with the other pastry ingredients. A cheese grater works effectively on both frozen and cold butter and hence eases the process of dough making. For this, grate half of the required butter in the bowl and keep the rest in the refrigerator when you are done half grating. Meanwhile, mix the butter with a butter knife or fork. Once you are done half mixing, take out the cold butter from the fridge and grate it. Mix again using knives or forks.

Food Processor

Achieve an even pastry dough with a food processor. Use the processor to blend the butter pieces and then put the dry ingredients in the processor. Run the processor for not more than 2 minutes. This is the easiest way to get good pie dough in no time. Remember to put the dry ingredients only after the butter has broken down into small chunks.

Egg Mixer

Pie Pastry Cutter Substitutes
6 Pie Pastry Cutter Substitutes

If you don’t have a food processor, use an egg mixer instead. First, cut the butter with a butter knife and combine the pieces with dry ingredients. Now set the egg mixer at a low speed and use the mixer to blend your pastry ingredients. Make sure to use the egg mixer at the lowest setting otherwise the dry ingredients won’t combine well.


What can be a better substitute for a pie pastry cutter than hands? You need to make sure your hands are clean and dry before you blend the ingredients with them. Break the butter with your hands and squeeze it with the rest ingredients to combine everything together. Make sure to keep the hands cold so as to prevent the butter from melting.

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