5 Best Types Of Pastry In The World That You Must Try

Types Of Pastry

There are different types of foods from around the world that are known for their tastes and flavor. The same applies to pastries. Many countries from around the world have their specialty. In this article, you will get to know about some of the top types of pastry from around the world and from different countries and continents. You can choose to make them at home and taste the types of flavors from around the world with ease. 

Types Of Pastry That You Must Try
Types Of Pastry That You Must Try

They are both easy to make and can be done with the simplest of tools and ingredients. The recipes of the major pastries are available online with video tutorials that can help you prepare them in the comfort of your kitchen. 

Jalebi From India

Indians are known to have a lot of desserts that are made from different recipes. One of the most famous among them is the Jalebi that is available in almost all parts of India. Maida or flour is used to make circular shaped rings that are later fried in oil. Once they are out of oil, they are soaked well in sugar syrup and later taken out of it. This is one of the most famous pastries from India. 

Pastila From Russia

The basic ingredients required for this pastry are egg white, honey, and baked apple. Russians and people from around the world have this pastry along with tea. There are flavors such as cranberry and vanilla that are also available for you to choose from or bake at home. 

Cannoli From Italy – One Of The Best Types Of Pastry

This Italian pastry is famous all over the world. Among the types of pastry from around the world, this easily lists among the top 5. Creamy ricotta and sweet are the main ingredients for this pastry. 

You can also add chocolate chips, candied fruits, and crushed pistachios to make it extra rich. It is a Sicilian special pastry and is a delicacy that you must try once. 

Churros From Spain – Must Try Types Of Pastry

Water, flour, and salt make up for the main ingredients of this pastry. It is a deep-fried pastry. It is a common breakfast in many parts of the world. Some people choose to use it as a snack along with a coffee or a strong chocolate drink. 

Types Of Pastry From Around The World
Types Of Pastry From Around The World

Alfajor From Argentina

Although Argentina takes credit for this pastry it originated from Spain is what historians say. The other word for this pastry is “the filling” as there is filling in between the two cookies. 

For toppings and stuffing for this dessert or pastry, icing sugar, chocolate, desiccated coconut, and powdered sugar are common options. This also stands out among the types of pastry from around the world. 


Although we have listed a few among the top 5 pastries, some people may have other opinions on which tops the list. This is just a general guide to the best of pastries from around the world. You can browse the internet to find recipes to make these with ease. 

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